Author: Philippa Cameron

Savoury Smoko, Sweet Smoko

Pumpkin and Dark Chocolate Scones

These flavours need to happen more often – these scones are incredible! My sister Hannah used to be a chef in many trending cafes in Dunedin, and the Otago Daily Times would often publish requested recipes in the paper. Customers would request their favourite item at their local cafe – and the paper would try […]

Lunch, Savoury Smoko

Toasted Sandwich Bag

The best lunch hack! A week of lunch and snacks ready and prepped in the freezer. All you have to do is take one out and place in a sandwich press or in a fry pan. I always have a bag of these prepped in the smoko room for staff who may come in late […]

Lunch, Meal Ideas

Magic Pot Mashed Potatoes (Multi-cooker)

Creamy mashed potatoes that you don’t need to worry about boiling over on the stove. There is nothing worse than when your pot of potatoes boils over and makes a terrible mess of your stove top, or even worse when they boil dry if forgotten about (your pot never recovers). You all know that I […]

Breakfast, Meal Ideas

Overnight Slow Cooker Porridge

This easy to prepare breakfast can be made in a conventional slow cooker or on the slow cooking function on your multi cooker. You can cook on low overnight (eight hours) or on high for four hours. I can see the overnight function working well for those of you on early starts. Or if perhaps […]

Sweet Smoko

One Pot Oaty Caramel Slice

Nothing beats a gorgeous caramel slice – except one that is made in one pot! This quick and easy recipe takes no time at all to whip up. It doubles really easy too.And the oats make this recipe healthy – right?! When I gre up my mum would make tan square most weeks when she […]

Savoury Smoko

Irresistible Cheese Straws

These cheesy strips of deliciousness are super yum on a platter, dipped in hummus or as an addition to smoko.  As a kid these were what we were handed by mum for our plate for school concerts and hockey discos. There is nothing healthy about these. And mums recipe actually includes more butter, plus more salt […]

Sweet Smoko

Belgium Biscuits

Sweet and warmly spiced biscuits, sandwiched with raspberry jam, iced and sprinkled with jelly crystals. What more can you ask for in a biscuit! This recipe is an oldie, but it’s a goodie. The name of these biscuits originates from the First World War when it was first named the Empire biscuit or the Imperial […]

Savoury Smoko

Savoury Scrolls

These scrolls are so versatile. They can be eaten straight from the oven, or cold from the smoko bag. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees fanbake Rub together self raising flour and softened butter, with a pinch of salt.I like to use my cake mixer with the whisk attachment to rub butter. It really is […]

Sweet Smoko

Mary’s Sultana Cake

Mary is my husband Joe’s grandmother and this is her infamous sultana cake. When I submitted this recipe for my book ‘A High Country Life’ they wanted to know how many people this recipe would serve and I had to giggle. I went on to explain that if Hugh (my father in law) and Joe […]