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Merino Wool, My Ramblings

What to knit with your Gorgeous Naturally Coloured Merino Outcast Wool?

I can help answer this! I have three favourite kitting designers that I would like to share with you. I am not a knitter myself but here are some patterns I have had knitted up for my family and others that I can’t wait to have knitted up next. What have the kids been wearing? […]

Sweet Smoko

Lemon Delicious Slice

A light and fluffy, lemon and coconut, delicious treat. This one pot wonder is super easy and quick to whip up. All you need is a pot and a dough whisk or wooden spoon, and a lined or greased brownie pan. Is there anything better than the smell of a fresh lemon picked straight form […]

Puddings, Sweet Smoko

Pineapple and Carrot Muffins with Cream Cheese Icing

These are the perfect mouthful of fresh and sweet – and you don’t need a heap of seasonal ingredients to make them! Handy hint;If you don’t have liners for your muffin tray simply make your own. Or use silicon muffin trays.If you wish to make your own – cut twelve equal squares of compostable baking […]

My Ramblings

Otematata Wool by Philippa Cameron

From the high country of the Waitaki Valley we bring you our flock of fine black merinos. The creators of the ‘Out-Cast’ knitting yarn. Our small flock of black merinos have been the creators of this 100% natural coloured wool, which when blended with our premium white merino becomes a smooth chocolate-grey colour. The fine […]

Lunch, Sweet Smoko

Fruit Leather

A great homemade fruit leather snack for your child’s lunch box There is more madness than method with this recipe. There aren’t often measured quantities, as I use left over stashes of fruit from the freezer or the left over fruit that doesn’t get preserved, and so there are no consistent measurements.  It is also […]

Sweet Smoko

Station Gingernuts

The perfect dunking Gingernut biscuit made in only ONE pot! Crinkly on top. Hard outer to avoid crumbling. Soft inside. What more do you want in a gingernut?! I created this biscuit as part of a partnership with Swanndri. My brief was a robust recipe that compliments the legacy of Swanndri. New Zealand iconic farming […]

Lunch, Meal Ideas, Savoury Smoko

Emily’s Zucchini Relish

This Indian inspired zucchini relish not only helps rid you of the excess zucchini you have been growing. But it is also the only relish you will need to eat with cheese and crackers! What ingredients do I need:1.5 Kg of Zucchini (or courgette)Mustard seedsCumin SeedsTurmericChilli FlakesCorianderOnionsFresh garlicFresh gingerWhite Wine Vinegar Brown Sugar What Equipment […]


Raspberry Flummery

This easy, light and fluffy dessert melts in your mouth. This delicious dessert idea was found in an old school fundraiser cookbook, which was originally made with raspberry jelly. This recipe with the addition of real raspberries really elevates the taste and texture. This year I am going to serve this as an option for […]


My Christmas No Bake Fake Cheesecake

The perfect Christmas easy bake that won’t have you spending time fussing in the kitchen this holiday season. My no fuss – fake bake The perfect Christmas dessert for you to take to share with your family and friends this holiday season. This bake is also perfect for letting the children lend a hand with […]

Breakfast, Meal Ideas

Elderflower Marmalade

This is a great way to use up the fruit leftover from when you make elderflower cordial. Use this sweet marmalade as a gift to accompany your elderflower cordial. Or simply smear on your own toast for a gorgeous sweet taste. What ingredients will I need;Lemon and oranges that were used to make the elderflower […]

Meal Ideas

Elderflower Infused Gin

This is a very fun and easy way to infuse gin with a fresh summer flavour. You do not use an expensive gin. Just a moderately priced one will do the job. All you will need is;1 bottle of ginElderflower flower headsLemonsA large jar or jugGlass weights or small clean river rockMuslin I often make […]

Meal Ideas

Elderflower Infused Vodka

This is a very fun and tasty way to infuse vodka with a fresh summer flavour. You do not use an expensive Vodka. Just a moderately priced one will do the job. All you will need is;1 bottle of vodkaElderflower flower headsLemonsA large jar or jugGlass weights or small clean river rocksMuslin cloth I often […]