A High Country Life

Jul 27, 2021

– Tales and Recipes from a High Country Station

Life on Otematata Station, a 40,000 hectare high country station in Otago, is busy and varied. Philippa Cameron and her husband, Joe, who is the fifth generation to work the farm, help care for this vast tract of land with 30,000 merino sheep and 500 head of cattle. It’s a sparse environment completely at the mercy of the elements, bringing with it many challenges and seasonal demands. Told through the eyes of Philippa in her role as station cook, this is the story of mustering in autumn, lambing in spring, the freezing days of winter and the scorching heat of summer. Along with looking after her two small girls, her garden and various animals, Philippa feeds the teams of workers. She collects and shares a selection of delicious, hearty recipes with other farm cooks on her popular Instagram page @whats_for_smoko. This book also features Philippa’s most trusted recipes, tested on many approving musterers.

Photo credit; Lottie Hedley http://www.lottiehedleyphotography.com

This is my first book and it was released on April 1st 2021.
Prior to release I pre-sold one thousand copies, which I signed and my husband Joe packaged from our garage and lounge floor.

I was very nervous prior to it’s release as I was worried about who would want to read our story. I had no reason to be, as the latest Whitcoulls Top 100 book list (2021) has named it as #47 on their list.

Thank you to everyone that voted and for your incredible support for the book. I love all your notes and messages expressing your love for the recipes and tales. As well as the memories it evokes in you from your childhoods and careers (past and present).

Thank you also to Allen and Unwin who came to me with the idea and concept for the book. Your foresight was something I would never have believed. Thank you for working so patiently with me. The experience was rewarding.

If you would like a copy then head to the shop on my blog for your signed copy, or click on the picture below.