Otematata Wool by Philippa Cameron

May 29, 2023

From the high country of the Waitaki Valley we bring you our flock of fine black merinos. The creators of the ‘Out-Cast’ knitting yarn.

Our small flock of black merinos have been the creators of this 100% natural coloured wool, which when blended with our premium white merino becomes a smooth chocolate-grey colour. The fine merino wool is soft to the skin and has no itch (like a traditional natural coloured wool).

We pride ourselves on this wool being a 100% New Zealand Traceable and Sustainable Product.

Grown here on the hills of the high country at Ōtemātātā Station.
Scoured in Timaru at Canterbury Wool Scourers.
Spun in Napier at Design Spun.

What do I need to know?

17.7 Micron Merino Wool
8 ply
50 gram ball
Approx 108m per ball
22-24 Stitches per 10cm on 4mm needles

Does it scratch?

This fine merino wool is super soft to the skin making it perfect for anyone who is sensitive to certain textures.

How do I care for it?

Wool is a wonder fibre.
Wool has antibacterial properties meaning it does not need to be washed regularly. Simply hang (on a soft hanger) or lay in full sunlight, or in a good winters frost to refresh your ‘outcast’ kitted items.

If your knitted item does need a wash we recommend simply hand washing in cold water with a detergent or soap specific for wool washing. Gently remove any excess moisture and lie flat on a towel out of direct sunlight to dry. This does seem like a lot of work, but you should only have to do this once a year unless it has been soiled.

Why should I choose to wear wool?

Wool is hypoallergenic
Wool is odour resistant
Wool regulates body temperature
Wool is 100% biodegradable
Wool is naturally flame resistant
Wool is water repellent
Wool is stain resistant

All of these characteristics make it safe for you and your family to wear unlike synthetic alternatives whose characteristics are the complete opposite.

Where can I purchase your 100% naturally coloured fine merino knitting yarn?

You can purchase it here on this website by simply clicking on the shop tab at the top often screen of by clicking in this link.

What should I knit?
I have a separate post about my favourite knits.
But here are my favourite knitting designers.

For knitting patterns made specific for this wool – check out Lisa F Designs

For classic styles for your family check out Petite Knit

For lots of crochet ideas and some knitting patterns check out Needle and Hook