Hearty Beef Broth Winter Bowl

Jun 20, 2020

Winter has arrived in one cold blast overnight.

So here is a hearty winter bowl to help warm cold workers, and nourish their bodies to keep them healthy over the long winter months.

On farm we all know eating seasonal fresh produce is the most economical and healthiest way to enjoy our food, and this recipe will feed the whole team.

Today I worked with he 5+ a Day Charitable Trust to help spread the message of eating a variety of vegetables daily to help stay ‘fit as a fiddle’. Make sure you follow them for recipe inspiration at https://www.5aday.co.nz/

Follow the recipe below to make your hearty winter bowl of goodness.

I use my instant pot to make the bone broth, which I affectionately call my ‘magic pot’, because it continues to amaze me with how it makes life easier in the kitchen.

Once you have made the bone broth (overnight works best) let it cool. Use a small sieve or slotted spoon to remove any solidified fat from the top of the broth.

Remove the vegetables from the broth and pull the meat away from the beef bones (discard the bones). Return the broth to your instant pot or stock pot and add the remainder of the ingredients.

If you are using your magic pot then place the lid on and seal it. Pressure cook for twenty minutes and let the steam naturally release (if you are time poor it won’t matter if you release the value manually – I just find the flavour is better if let to release on it’s own).

Serve with plenty of chunky bread to mop up all the goodness.

Hearty Beef Broth Winter Bowl

Prep Time30 minutes
Cook Time3 hours
Servings: 6


  • Instant Pot or Slow Cooker
  • Stock Pot


Beef Broth

  • 1 bag Beef bones
  • 6 Carrots
  • 1 Leek
  • 1 bunch Parsley, thyme, rosemary
  • 3 tbsp Apple cider vinegar (lemon juice or white vinegar would work well too)

Remaining Ingredients

  • 500 grams Potatoes
  • 2 cups Brocoli or kale (or both)
  • ¾ cup Barley
  • 1 bunch chopped carrot tops of parsley (to garnish)


Making the beef broth

  • Wash and clean the leak
  • Roughly chop the top half of the leek and add to the instant pot (or slow cooker)
  • Roughly chop three carrots and add them too
  • Now add the bunch of herbs
  • Place the beef bones on top and cover with water
  • Lastly add the apple cider vinegar
  • Pressure cook for two hours, or alternatively over night in the slow cooker
  • Once cool use a slotted spoon or sieve to take the solidified fat from the top and then strain the vegetables. Discard the vegetables.
  • Remove the meat from the bones and add back to the broth (discard the bones)

Making the soup

  • Either place the broth back into the clean instant pot or into a stock pot on the stovetop.
  • Chop the remainder of the leek into thin slices and add to the broth
  • Chop the potatoes into chunks, along with all the rest of the vegetables, and add to the broth
  • Add the barley
  • Pressure cook for 20 minutes , or alternatively cook on the stove top until the potatoes are soft, but whole (you don't want them mushy).
  • Garnish with the chopped carrot tops or parsley
  • Serve with chunky bread to mop up the goodness