Danish Dough Whisk


This whisk is an essential tool in my kitchen.

It is designed to cut through dough and batter, without over-mixing or getting stuck.

Stainless steel and wood – made in New Zealand


106 in stock (can be backordered)


The danish dough whisk is not only an essential tool for making sourdough and breads, but is also effective when mixing scones, muffins and cake batter.

The dough whisk consists of three circular coils in different sizes, stacked one on top of the other to form a three-dimensional shape. Since the dough whisk’s surface area is much smaller than a wooden spoon, the whisk glides through thin or thick batters and doughs with greater ease, which makes it very hard for you to over mix your batter.

Do not place your dough whisk in the dishwasher, as the wooden handle may warp and cause the join to be compromised..  Simply wash in warm soapy water.

Made in New Zealand by NZMALT


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