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Hi, I’m Philippa! I am the station cook at Ōtemātātā Station in the Waitaki Valley of the South Island, New Zealand. Most days I provide smokos (morning and afternoon tea) to our staff of shepherds. Some days if they are out on our remote high country blocks I will also prepare a lunch that can be eaten with a cuppa in one hand and their lunch in the other.

I have also ventured into producing our farms stunning black merino fibre, bringing you “Out-Cast” knitting yarn from the high country of the Waitaki Valley.

So, take a look around! Check out my kitchen where you will find some amazing recipes and kitchen accessories, or head over to the woolshed to purchase our incredibly soft wonder fibre, which is hypoallergenic, odour resistant, 100% biodegradable, naturally flame resistant, water repellent, and stain resistant.

-Philippa xx

The Woolshed

From the high country of the Waitaki Valley we bring you our flock of fine black merinos. The creators of the ‘Out-Cast’ knitting yarn. Our small flock of black merinos have been the creators of this 100% natural coloured wool, which when blended with our premium white merino becomes a smooth chocolate-grey colour. 

We pride ourselves on this wool being a 100% New Zealand Traceable and Sustainable Product.

the kitchen

Here lies a tale from my kitchen window, a window that faces east and watches the sun rise each morning. As I look out across the undulating landscape I often see the dust rise from the sheepyards where the staff are working. During shearing I can hear music pumping across the paddock from the shearing shed and into the kitchen, where everyday without fail I smell the arrival of the easterly at three in the afternoon. At the back door, piles of boots ignore the purpose-built rack, and beyond, my little vegetable garden sits proudly in front of a washing line fashioned from two telegraph poles and some fencing instruments.

No matter the season my kitchen is a hive of activity. With our girls Flora and Evelyn underfoot, eager to help mix icing or more importantly get a lick of the spatula, there is often a batch of smoko on the go. Dirty bowls sit on the bench waiting for the sink to fill, and despite sweeping the floor regularly there is always a slight crunch of sugar beneath my shoes. Standing at the sink in front of the window I can often be found looking out over the landscape, reflecting on the seasons as out family and farm continue to grow.

Explore my collection of delicious recipes, or browse my range of high-quality kitchen accessories.

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About me

Philippa Cameron

I’m Philippa Cameron and I am the station cook at my husband’s family farm in the Waitaki Valley, called Ōtemātātā Station. I’m also the mother to two beautiful daughters who will be the sixth generation to treasure this sparse and beautiful high country environment.
Along side cooking, I run a successful social media business titled ‘What’s for Smoko’, sell kitchen accessories, and have ventured into producing our farms stunning black merino fibre.
In my first book, A High Country Life, I’ve captured a glimpse into what each season involves on a large 40,000 hectare property along with simple recipes that I use regularly to fuel our staff. Last April I released a second book titled Winter Warmers, which has many more recipes, alongside tales from past employees who have worked alongside three generations of Camerons.